6 Responses to Testimonials

  1. – Parent

    “Contacting OT4 Kids was the single best decision we’ve made as parents. I can say without hesitation that we have created a bond with OT 4 Kids that will last long after our son completes therapy. OT 4 Kids is nothing short of exceptional!”

  2. - 7-year-old student

    “I love OT!! I wish I could come every day! I especially love the “fun room”.

  3. - Parent

    “With the help of OT4 Kids, our son is now more successful and more confident in his abilities!”

  4. - Parent

    “We highly recommend the entire OT 4 Kids staff.”

  5. - Parent

    “As a mother, my heart is so pleased to see her feel happy and content. And I love that I can hug her!!! Thank you, OT4 Kids!”

  6. - Parent

    “And best of all, our daughter looked forward to sessions and would refer to her OT curriculum when she was at home trying to manage herself, “I’m going to take a body break to get myself in the green zone.” (Our therapist) helped our daughter feel proud to be working through the tough path of emotional regulation and made our whole family feel supported and on the same page.”

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