Welcome to OT 4 Kids Collective, Inc.

OT 4 Kids Collective, Inc. is an inclusive environment where children can play, learn, socialize, and have fun! We support fine motor and gross skill development, handwriting help, emotional regulation along with engagement in meaningful activities from a dedicated occupational therapist to help your children grow and learn.

We look forward to providing your child with many opportunities to develop and practice their skills in a supportive and happy environment.

Services We Offer

We help children reach their potential. In Occupational Therapy they can engage in our play activities, movement games, sensory integration strategies and social participation experiences.

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We provide a comprehensive assessment report of your child's skills to identify their needs.

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Individual Treatment Sessions

We offer focused and specialized therapy to attain your child's specific goals.

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Self-Regulation Sensory Motor Social Groups

We help regulate your child's occupational performance challenges that are attached to sensory functions.

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Commitment Mission

Our mission is to provide children and families with high quality, effective occupational therapy services to support joyful engagement in activities for skill-building and enhanced emotional well-being.

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What Is Sensory Processing Disorder

SPD is a condition in which the brain and nervous system have trouble receiving and responding to information coming from the senses.

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