Helping children develop skills through friendships and group activities

OT 4 Kids Collective, Inc. provides pediatric occupational therapy group services to preschool through middle school-aged children (3-13 years), depending on the needs of each child. We specifically match each group by age, skills, and needs.

Types of Groups:


We offer exercises and activities to develop and strengthen the child’s sense of touch (tactile), sense of balance (vestibular), and the sense of where their body is in space (proprioception).


Our main goal for this group is to help them understand the emotional and physical effects of sensory processing challenges. We seek to help them gain (or regain) a sense of control over their behavior, develop resilience skills, empathy, and hope.

Social groups

We offer activities that will help each child learn and practice the skills necessary to navigate social interactions.

The goal of our groups is to help children improve emotional/self-regulation, self-control, increase awareness of other’s perspectives, and enhance peer interaction skills. Zones of Regulation ® and Social Thinking curriculum ®, along with multi-sensory gross motor games and hands-on interactive activities, children will:

  • Learn how to appropriately express feelings and discuss them in a supportive peer-support setting
  • Learn appropriate conflict resolution strategies with peers
  • Explore sensory tools and supports
  • Understand how their behavior and words impact others around them
  • Identify healthy strategies to cope with big feelings
  • Understand the importance and awareness of social norms + reading body cues
  • Improve participation and skill in multi-sensory activities with peers
  • Improve executive functioning during functional play (i.e. sustained attention, taking turns, sequencing, planning, organizing)
  • Increase self-confidence interacting with peers

Help your children learn the necessary skills to navigate this life with ease through a peer setting. To learn more about our group treatment services, please feel free to contact us.