Individualized support for your child

During occupational therapy sessions, we aim for children to feel calmer, experience success, find joy, and learn new skills and strategies to thrive.

We appreciate that children learn best when they are socially engaged in fun, meaningful activities that provide a “just right” level of challenge. When engaged in these therapeutic activities, children develop the skills they need to gain mastery of their environment, increase their self-confidence, and work towards greater independence.

Each child’s therapy program is individualized and focuses on specific areas of need determined by presenting functional difficulties and initial evaluation. Therapy sessions are play-based and child-directed. Areas of concern identified by parents are an integral part of therapy goals and objectives. Children are most often seen on a once a week basis for 50 minutes. When appropriate, the children may engage in therapeutic activities with other children and therapists to promote improved peer interaction and social thinking skills. Home exercises and activities are recommended and important to support progress in therapy. The duration of therapy is dependent upon each child’s progress. Consultation with parents and other professionals, who may be working with the child are considered in this determination.